VaNa1 Outlet Store


VaNa1 Outlet Store
Phone: +420 601 309 177

Fb: vana1outletstore

Instagram: vana1outlet

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun 9:00 - 20:00


We are the largest Outlet Store right in the center of Prague. The 2700 square meters of retail space awaits shopping on four floors. Discounts from original prices range from 30% to 70%. Find brands such as Puma, Adidas, Nike, Vans, Guess, Valentino, Love Moschino, Makia, Emporio Armani, Levis, Kappa and dozens more. On the lower two floors is your music store with the largest selection of CDs, DVDs and Vinyl, including official film and music merchandising. In one place you will find everything you are looking for..